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DJ Bingo Central Florida

This is NOT your Grandma’s Bingo!

DJ Bingo Logo Master - Black Background with tagline

Every player receive free DJ Bingo cards with 25 squares per game. We’ll start you off with a FREE square.

All the other squares contain the name of a song. There are four specific categories of music for each session, so four games of DJ Bingo per session. Each venue donates house prizes to the winner of each of the four rounds.

This game is a lot of fun, because every week different music is played. There are not many rules, and it is a laid back format.

This game can be played as a weekly option or can be played for special events, including corporate, birthday or other events.

To find locations or get more information on adding us to your weekly entertainment, please visit –


Call or Text – 352-330-6221
Or email Janice at Janice @ OcalaSpecialEvents.com (with no spaces)

Ocala National DJ Bingo