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  • With a heavy heart…

    Posted on July 2, 2015 by in Central Florida Events

    IMG_1295_ppTen months ago, I took on a new partner. Jeff came into my life when I needed him most. He was both an inspiration and a spark for me and my business. With his help, a new company and name was organized to more accurately show what the business would begin offering.

    Due to the expansions in other cities that I was working, we quickly outgrew our Ocala Weddings & Special Events name. Under his business leadership, our company grew and flourished. In 2014, I hosted seven Best Little Bridal Shows. He challenged me to host 15 in 2015. I thought he was crazy.

    So why would I be writing this post with a heavy heart? Jeff has made the decision that Ocala Weddings & Special Events and it’s affiliate companies are not a good fit for him. Therefore we bid him a fond farewell and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

    With that said, I am mindful of the many ideas and the visions he had for our company that had us on a path of continued growth. Ocala Weddings & Special Events will continue as our DJ company and we will be adding some new DJs over the next few months!

    I am also proud to officially introduce Central Florida Events LLC as the new parent company. Central Florida Events will handle our production services. It will serve as the parent company for Best Little Bridal Show, as well as our other expo and event shows. We have already introduced and hosted our first Sugar & Spice Ladies Night Out Event. In 2016, we will roll out several of our other expo events that I have been working on.

    Today, I have no doubt that I would have met his challenge if not for a couple of obstacles that were unexpected. In particular, I was involved in a severe car accident in May that damaged my neck and lower back. I am also facing a major surgery before the end of 2015. At the end of 2015, we will have hosted ten Best Little Bridal Shows and three Sugar & Spice – A Ladies Night Out events. Not too shabby.

    While I am sad to see Jeff go, I am very thankful for what he brought into both my company and my life. Best of wishes Jeff in all that you do.

    Janice Barham
    Central Florida Events LLC

    PS –
    Thanks for helping me check the following off my bucket list –
    Riding a motorcycle (11/16/14)
    Buying a house (12/1/14)
    First Broadway Musical / Play (12/26/14)
    First Comedy Club adventure (3/28/15)
    First & second Burlesque shows (11/22/14 & 4/17/15)
    Accomplish my goal of becoming an early riser. (Okay so 6:30 isn’t as early as you… it is still earlier than I normally do over summer break, so I am counting it.)

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these and all of the other moments and memories that we made.