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  • Grooms Workshop

    Posted on May 15, 2012 by in Central Florida Events

    So what exactly is a “Grooms Workshop?” We’ll be happy to explain!

    If you’ve not heard this yet, learn it – Happy Wife = Happy Life!
    We will show YOU how simple little things on your wedding day can make her think – WOW!!

    This workshop is designed to give Grooms easy-to-use tips to implement before, during, and after their wedding day to give their bride peace of mind.

    Tips will include things to do:
    – During the planning process
    – At your rehearsal dinner
    – Before your ceremony starts
    – During your ceremony
    – Prior to your reception
    – During your reception
    – On your honeymoon

    These tips will make you a hero on your wedding day.  Not only will your future wife notice, but family and friends will notice as well.  Even if you only implement 1-2 of these tips, you can change the entire outcome of your wedding day from average to spectacular.

    All you need to do is show up!

    A few, select Wedding Professionals will also be available to offer unique
    ideas and answer questions to help make your wedding even better.

    For additional information, call us at (352) 330-6221
    or e-mail us at Info@OcalaSpecialEvents.com.

    Sorry Ladies – NO Women Allowed into the Grooms’ Workshop!! We do have Pampering Sessions at *some* of our workshops, so please ask us about that before arriving!

    Our Next Workshop is Tentatively Scheduled for March 2013!

    But there IS a cap on the number of grooms that can attend. Want to attend? RSVP Fast!!

    RSVP with us by –
    Calling OR Texting — (352) 330-6221 or
    E-mailing — Info@OcalaSpecialEvents.com

    Are you a Vendor interested in participating??
    Vendors can participate in one of two ways in this workshop…

    1) If you are male wedding vendor that would like to answer questions of the grooms, we have a select few slots available to be apart of the workshop.

    2) If you are a female wedding vendor, we frequently do pampering sessions with the females. We also do a laid-back, question and answer session with them to discuss common issues that pop up while planning the wedding.

    We will also do a goodie bag/folder for the grooms that will be participating. We will allow select vendors to participate in this opportunity.

    Ocala Weddings & Special Events will be VERY selective on which vendors can participate. Contact Janice Barham at (352) 330-6221 or e-mail us at Info@OcalaSpecialEvents.com if you are interested in participating.